Hometown Harvest - Eco Pledge: 

As Wendell Barry once said, “The Earth is all we have in common,” and Hometown Harvest is doing its part to maintain the utmost environmental integrity in every part of our business.



Reusable Containers

For all deliveries, we use reusable grocery bags to keep products fresh as they wait on your doorstep. Upon each delivery, we pick up your last bag and deliver a new one. We continuously reuse our bags to reduce the number used and to ensure that no waste is created.

Plastic Bags

The use of bags is integral in maintaining produce freshness. As a company, Hometown Harvest encourages the reuse of all bags and provides compostable bags whenever we can. Although we can not take these bags back to reuse, we encourage you to reuse or to properly recycle them.

Local Love

Hometown Harvest distributes local organic produce and food products as much as possible to ensure the highest quality, reducing long-distance food transportation and the carbon footprint that comes with it.

No Air Freight

Hometown Harvest works with nature to provide you fresh produce that is in season. We do not support air freight shipping of produce from other continents, and we do what we can to source as much local organic produce as possible.  "Fresh from farm to table" is very important to us, so the closer the farm, the fresher it is for you!

Less Cars

By using Hometown Harvest, our members cut down on their need to visit the supermarket. By cutting down the number of trips to the store and reducing the number of cars sitting in traffic, this could add up to a cumulative reduction in car-based pollution and gas consumption in the tristate area.

Purity Standards

At Hometown Harvest, we are dedicated to purity. Our strict produce and grocery screening process restricts any artificial ingredients, GMOs and any other ingredients that are potentially hazardous to human health and the environment.

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