Workplace Delivery
Hometown Harvest now offers workplace delivery!  We have had several requests lately to start such a delivery program, which helps us consolidate deliveries and helps you receive deliveries if home delivery is not an option.
A great way to develop a community in the office, workplace delivery supporting healthy eating habits at work, which can keep the staff healthy and more productive.   


Everyone will register for their own accounts. This allows each customer to log in and customize their own bags.

We ask that each office have at least 15 members included in the delivery. This will allow us to better manage our delivery trucks, keeping our service efficient and green.



Workplace delivery helps us save money, so we can pass some of those savings along to you. The more members that sign up for service at your workplace, the larger the discount that we can offer you. For example, you will immediately see a 5% discount off your entire order with 15 members.


Delivery Time:

We will work with you to establish the best possible delivery time for the staff.



We believe so strongly in encouraging folks to eat more fruits and veggies that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that this program is a success for you and your company. We can provide you with flyers about our service and/or set up in your cafeteria or health fair to help promote the new program.


For the Employer:

This is a no-cost way to offer a unique wellness benefit to your staff. Your staff saves time by avoiding extra trips to the grocery store after work. They will enjoy better, fresh, organic, and local produce. In addition to supporting local agriculture, the local economy is supported as well.

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